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Maayan Paymnets

We work with many clients from a wide variety of business areas around the world, so we can adapt and help in solving any difficult issues. We will select a structure just for you based on your needs, nothing superfluous that could cause inconvenience.

About our company

We are an international payment provider and direct acquirer licensed by the FCA - the UK Financial Conduct Authority. We work with medium and large online businesses around the world. Our professional support and adaptation team is always ready to resolve any issues that arise before, during and after registration.

We help each client achieve their business goals by using the entire arsenal of innovative payment tools to create an individual financial and technological solution. With Maayan, you can be sure of the first-class quality of the services provided.

We are taking advantage of secure transactions and 24/7 support specifically for the convenience of our customers. Maayan uses the world's leading cybersecurity technologies and standards to protect your money and customer cards. These are several layers of protection that stop fraudsters and do not interfere with payments for bona fide buyers.


Convenience and reliability for large transfers: send and receive fast high-value business payments around the world. Our highly qualified support and adaptation team is always ready to promptly resolve any issues that arise. We provide each client with a personal manager. Continuous support will never allow you to face problems.


We use all innovative technologies in the banking sector. Convenient payment interfaces, multicurrency with accurate and up-to-date reports. Everything for the convenience of managing your finances. Online account with all the information about your accounts 24/7, no visits to the bank.


Maayan is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations. This confirms that the service safely stores data and protects customers' financial information at the highest level in the global payment card industry.


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