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Maayan Payments was founded to combine deep knowledge in finance and banking with the latest technology in order to set a new benchmark for financial services

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Authorised financial services provider

We are an international payment provider and direct acquirer licensed by the FCA - the UK Financial Conduct Authority – in 28 May 2021.

Inspired by the mission

For us, being good is never enough. We work to constantly exceed our customers’ expectations and we always opt for a greater challenge. The people using our products always lie in the heart of the new solutions we create.

Full-package solution

We offer a full-package solution, tailored both to your current business and the growth you’re striving for. We deliver payment infrastructure that is reliable, secure and fast.

Work with us means


Convenience and reliability for large transfers: send and receive fast high-value business payments around the world. Our highly qualified support and adaptation team is always ready to promptly resolve any issues that arise. We provide each client with a personal manager. Continuous support will never allow you to face problems.


We use all innovative technologies in the banking sector. Convenient payment interfaces, multicurrency with accurate and up-to-date reports. Everything for the convenience of managing your finances. Online account with all the information about your accounts 24/7, no visits to the bank.


Maayan is authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations. This confirms that the service safely stores data and protects customers' financial information at the highest level in the global payment card industry.

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