There is more to a MAAYAN account

We bring together everything that’s required to make moving money simple, borderless, and fast.

  • Multi-currency debit cards
  • Batch payments
  • Smart analytics
  • Payment automation
  • Local and international transactions

Great for you

Move your money between currencies, spend oversees, pay and get paid — Maayan’s financial infrastructure has all your needs covered.


  • 24/7 fraud monitoring for unusual account activity
  • Lock and unlock your account
  • Protection by two-factor authentication
  • Instant notifications when you spend
  • Freeze and unfreeze your card, change pins
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Great for business

We are the first choice for international companies looking to scale up their business.


  • Tailored payment and card solutions
  • Read-only account access for employees
  • Full control through card permissions
  • White-label solutions
  • Meticulous vigilance in regard to AML/CFT
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Go virtual or stay real

Choose the card solution that suits you best

  • Mobile and contactless payments
  • Card delivered to your door
  • Google Pay and Apple Pay
  • Virtual and plastic cards, as many as needed
  • Up to 3% cashback

Keep track of your team’s spending

  • No need to use personal cards for business spending
  • Order and distribute as many cards as you need
  • Start spending with Google Pay or Apple Pay right away
  • Set spending limits, approve payments and change pins

Premium with premium card

Enjoy 3% cashback and multiple benefits as well as insurance for your purchases and travels

Why do people choose us?

Convenience and reliability for large transfers

Send and receive fast high-value business payments around the world.

Security guarantee

Flexible filter settings allow you to effectively combat fraudulent transactions - after consulting with our specialist, you will be able to restrict payments according to the selected parameters.

Multifunctional personal account

Online account with all information about your accounts 24/7.

Fast and convenient registration

We will provide an easy verification process as soon as possible.


We want to simplify all the processes for you so that our clients can focus on growing their business. Grow anywhere with local acquiring in all major markets using the most popular payment methods and in over 150 currencies worldwide.

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Enjoy true freedom with maximum convenience — distribute Maayan cards to your employees or family members and just control their permissions.

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Discovering the powerful combination of financial solution with Maayan.

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