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Scale your sales, access new marketplaces and win new customers. We’ll provide you with the cutting-edge payment infrastructure necessary for you to build and expand your business.

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Easy and Simple for Online Sellers to Manage their Cross-Border Payments

  • One-click payments
  • Original Credit Transactions (OCT)
  • Dynamic payment descriptor
  • 3-D Secure protocol for safe online payments
  • Recurring billing
  • Proprietary technology

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Meticulous security

Maayan uses the world's leading cybersecurity technologies and standards to protect your money and payment cards. There are several layers of protection in place that stop fraudsters but which don’t interfere with payments from bona fide buyers.

Documentation and API

Our personal managers will help you connect your business tools and create the unique financial support system that meets your every need. We’ll provide technical documentation, support and advice at every stage.

On-demand customization

Our technology can fit exactly your business requirements. It includes smart features, platform and hosting services integrations, as well as various accounting program integrations, notifications and detailed statistics.

Human-powered support

Maayan Payments offers multilingual call-centre and online support, as well as personal managers who help each client achieve their business goals by using the entire arsenal of innovative payment tools.

Vast payment acceptance possibilities

We offer credit and debit card payment collection, e-wallets and electronic payment solutions, local direct debit systems … you name it.

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